Tiny House Container

Models, Lay-Out and Trim Levels


We offer three models:
Happy Weekender, Unique BnB and Happy Queen Suite

Happy Weekender

Studio with kitchenette and over-sized bathroom.

This model is perfect for a weekend retreat. It features a kitchenette packed with a 4-burner gas range including an oven and a farm-style double sink. The over-sized bathroom is a whopping 48 square feet (you can stretch your arms out in any direction) making it bigger than most apartment bathrooms. There is good amount of space for a small table and a full-size bed or an IKEA twin pull-out. 

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Unique BnB

Efficiency studio with over-sized bathroom.

This model features a compact kitchenette ideal to enjoy take-home meals. The over-sized bathroom is the same as in a Happy Weekender. The Unique BnB model is the most versatile model as it allows for several different configurations to setup a table, a dresser and a full-size bed, or even a queen-size bed.

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Happy Queen Suite

Queen-size bedroom with over-sized bathroom.

The Happy Queen Suite can easily fit a queen-size bed, a dresser, a small table and an IKEA armchair. The Happy Queen Suite features the same over-sized bathroom as the Happy Weekender. It’s a great Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) next to a main house or next to a Happy Weekender.

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The lay-out of all three models is identical:
A Tiny House Container consists of a Great Room and an over-sized Bathroom.
Doors and Windows are at the same locations. Each room has its own outdoor access.

Great Room
The Great Room contains the French Door and the Barn Door (the big double container doors). The Barn Door can be opened completely. 

The Bathroom contains a doorway with an accordion door to the Great Room and an additional Back Door to the outside. The Bathroom in a Happy Weekender, Unique BnB and a Happy Queen Suite model all have a full bathroom with a corner shower, a toilet and a vanity. 

Trim Levels

A Tiny House Container comes in two different types of interior trim levels, “Grand” and “Rustic”.
The “trim” or “trim level” refers to a collection of features offered in a Tiny House Container model. Rather than picking and choosing every individual aspect of a Tiny House Container, you can choose a trim when buying a Tiny House Container and get all the associated features that come with it.

Understanding the two trim levels of a Tiny House Container will make it easier for you to quickly choose features that fit your needs. Of course, there are also other available options you can choose, but each trim represents a ground-floor for that model. 


The “Grand” trim is the ultimate luxury Tiny House Container. The “Grand” has every checkbox for interior options - checked. A stainless-steel Gas Range, painted interior, and a European-style wall-hung flushing toilet are just three of many extra features.


The “Rustic” trim is the natural-looking basic trim for a Tiny House Container. It is a fully-operational, budget-friendly trim. The “Rustic” is geared towards locations where limited utilities are available. For example, the “Rustic” includes a Nature’s Head composting toilet, which is ideal for locations without septic systems.